Brian R Ricks receives Microsoft Certified Solutions Masters (MCSM) for Communications certification

Back in April of 2013 I took a journey with Microsoft when I decided to attend an MCSM rotation. The weeks in Redmond were definitely one of the most challenging times in my life but it has paid off. I am happy to announce that I have obtained the MCSM certification in Communications. What does this mean for me? Great question! t this point, I am not exactly sure how it will impact me but I do know that I have an even deeper level of understanding how Lync Server 2013 works and that makes me a better engineer.

Anyone that is interested in progressing their training or certification with Microsoft should definitely consider the MCSM track - there are many from AD to SQL to Lync Server. A link to the Microsoft MCSM website may be found here along with FAQs regarding the program.

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