e911 for Lync now available from IntelePeer

IntelePeer has recently begun offering Enhanced 911 (e911) services which diretly integrate with Lync Server 2010. Enhanced 911 allows the Lync Location Information Service to query your on-prem database (LIS database) for known locations and publish that information to the 911 service. In addition, when the information has been entered manually the 911 service is aware the address has not been verified and an operator assists the process.

The e911 service is an optional service that incurs an additional fee per month. Contact your IntelePeer sales representative today and extend your Lync services to include emergency. For those that are not using IntelePeer for their voice services, consider trialing their 30-day free/no obligation service and see how you can use VoIP services for a fraction of the cost of traditional PSTN (tell them BriComp sent you!).


New Article Published on TechNet - Configuring IntelePeer with Lync Server 2010

Busy blog day! :)

Today on TechNet, Dr. Rez, another article was published written by myself around configuring IntelePeer SIP trunks with Lync Server 2010. The article is very similar to the OCS articles written last year but of course focuses on Lync Server.

Lync Server 2010 does a great job of connecting Internet SIP trunks directly especially if a Cisco ASA is involved (the 5505 is an amazing appliance). Check out the article from either my home web site or directly on TechNet here.