Microsoft has released CU September 2013 for Windows Lync 2013 – Spell Check is FINALLY here!

There have been many updates to Lync over the years but the September update has to be one of the most important – to some more so than others but all should install this update. J

The big news of course is integrated spell check. Many accept the fact that SMS or texting may have spelling errors but when using an Enterprise application such as Lync typos are downright embarrassing. Obviously spell check is not going to fix your grammar and if you ignore the red-lines, it does nothing for you. But, if you are one that finds themselves often opening Microsoft Word and checking spelling prior to sending an important IM, this feature is for you. Why it took so long to implement is anyone’s guess but now that it is here, we can only hope it never goes away.

Speaking of features that have gone away within Lync, one of them is back with this September CU. This feature is one I personally did not miss – but I am not the majority and many, many people yelled loud and hard for the return of system icon presence.

That’s right – you can once again see and set your presence from the system icon tray. Why is this important you may ask – great question. I know my presence, why do I need to see it in the tray? The Office team – in their efforts to unify end-user experience changed the icon to a static icon identical to the other Office applications, namely Outlook. But, as I said, people liked seeing their presence in the tray and thus Microsoft listened and it is back.

Below are the links to the updates – I have not seen them available via Windows Update yet but you can of course install them from individually. There are Office pre-requisites that need to be installed either manually or via Windows Update – MSO, MSORES, and IDCR – but these updates are not “new’.





Lync 2013 Client 32-bit



MS Download

Lync 2013 Client 64-bit



MS Download

Additional Notes:
Lync Server 2010 build number is 4.0.7577.216
Lync 2010 Client build number is 4.0.7577.4378
Lync Server 2013 build number is 5.0.8308.420
Lync 2013 Client build number is 15.0.435.1002
Lync Group Chat build number is 4.0.7577.4102
Lync Group Chat Server build number 4.0.7577.4778
Lync Group Chat Admin build number 4.0.7577.4102
Lync Attendee build number is 4.0.7577.4356
Lync Attendant build number is 4.0.7577.4098
Lync Phone Editions build number is 4.0.7577.4397
Lync 2010 for iPhone build number 4.7
Lync 2010 for iPad build number 4.7
Lync 2010 for Android build number 4.0.6509.3001
Lync 2013 for Windows Phone build number is 5.0.8250.0
Lync 2013 for iPad build number is 5.0
Lync 2013 for iPhone build number is 5.0
Lync Basic 2013 build number is 15.0.4420.1017
Lync VDI 2013 build number is 15.0.4420.1017

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