The first Skype for Business Patch has Arrived

It didn't take long for the first patch for Skype to come along and it is a highly important patch for many. A bug discovered after RTM of Skype was discovered with Exchange UM Interaction and normalization. The actual bug is KB3069206 and stalled many Skype for Business upgrades as Exchange UM Auto Attendants are kind of important.

In addition to the UM fix there are smaller yet just as important fixes listed such as dropping parked calls, SfBWA (aka LWA) crashes, RGS agent transfer issues, and so on. In short - if you have Skype for Business deployed this patch is a must and for those waiting because of the aforementioned bugs, migrations can now move on.

Upgrades are a bit different in Skype for Business only because of the new patching methods. If you were comfortable with patching in Lync & clearly understood upgrade domains, then there is no change. There are also no updates required to the Skype databases in this release so while we can run the good-old Install-CsDatabase command you will simply get a result of:

VERBOSE: All databases at the specified installation location are already up to date.

Make sure all servers are updated in the FE pool, the Edge servers, P-Chat, Mediation and any app servers you may have. The core components at a minimum will be updated while servers like the Edge role have an actual update.

For those that have a highly non-recommended two-node Enterprise Pool, there is an additional Fabric step required. Once you have patched the pool and rebooted, run the following command from PowerShell.

Reset-CsPoolRegistrarState -ResetType FullReset

Additional patching information can be found on the KB Update page 3061064.





Skype Server 2015



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Additional Notes:
Lync Server 2013 build number is 5.0.8308.887

Lync 2013 Client build number is 15.0.4727.1001

Skype for Business Server 2015 build number is 6.0.9319.55

Lync Group Chat build number is 4.0.7577. 4409

Lync Group Chat Server build number 4.0.7577.4409

Lync Group Chat Admin build number 4.0.7577.4409

Lync Attendee build number is 4.0.7577.4461

Lync Attendant build number is 4.0.7577.4098

Lync Phone Editions build number is 4.0.7577.4463
Lync Phone Edition (Tanjay) build number is 4.0.7577.4463
Lync for Mac 2011 build number is 14.0.11

Lync 2013 for Windows Phone build number 5.9.1371.0

Lync 2013 for iPad build number 5.7.563

Lync 2013 for iPhone build number 5.7.563

Lync 2013 for Android build number
Lync 2013 for Android tablet build number
Lync Windows Store App build number is March 2014

Lync Basic 2013 build number is 15.0.4420.1017
Lync VDI 2013 build number is 15.0.4420.1017

Comments (2) -

  • I've had mixed results with the S4B upgrade from Lync 2013.  In the test environment - smooth sailing and everything worked.  In production, even after installing the S4B update, Response Groups still failed 100% of the time.  Since Response Groups are critical in my environment, we reinstalled Lync 2013 on all the servers and restored our Lync databases from backup.  What started as a short upgrade turned into a lengthy recovery.  Needless to say, I'll be waiting to try another S4B upgrade for a while.
  • @Jeremy - Interesting regarding RGS. Of the 10 upgrades/new installs we have not had any issue with RGS. Sounds like there was a larger issue at play.

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