Hotfix for Lync 2013 - Presence Corrected

Ever since Microsoft announced spell check within Lync 2013, people (myself included) were excited to finally have access to such a basic feature. However, the new feature came at a cost – the loss of calendar presence integration (oops). Thankfully the Office team has finally provided a patch to correct the loss of basic features and it is available today.

In addition to the presence correction, there are some other updates which can be considered “important” such as presence unknown issues for federated/other pool members in your contact list, duplicate phone number problems, and Windows 7 login issues (among others). The complete list of fixes may be found in the support article listed below.

In addition to the bugs that have been feature some new features were added. Most notably the local recording resolution may now be set to 480p, 720p HD, or 1080p Full HD. Since the client is recording the video it stands to reason the client has to be able to receive the video feed at this format – keep that in mind when you think you want a 1080p recording on your wireless laptop.

Lync Recording Resolution

In a move to align the communications style application to application the pictures of the participants (assuming you have a picture) into the IM window. Debatable if good or bad – regardless, the feature cannot be disabled. Speaking of pictures, the ability to use a picture hosted on a website is back as well. The option is still controlled by the admin on the client policy but as seen here – the feature is an option.

Picture from Website





Lync 2013 Client 32-bit



MS Download

Lync 2013 Client 64-bit



MS Download

Additional Notes:
Lync Server 2010 build number is 4.0.7577.223
Lync 2010 Client build number is 4.0.7577.4409
Lync Server 2013 build number is 5.0.8308.556
Lync 2013 Client build number is 15.0.4551.1005
Lync Group Chat build number is 4.0.7577. 4409
Lync Group Chat Server build number 4.0.7577. 4409
Lync Group Chat Admin build number 4.0.7577. 4409
Lync Attendee build number is 4.0.7577.4356
Lync Attendant build number is 4.0.7577.4098
Lync Phone Editions build number is 4.0.7577.4414 (except CX700)
Lync Phone Edition CX700 build number 4.0.5755.4411
Lync 2010 for iPhone build number 4.7
Lync 2010 for iPad build number 4.7
Lync 2010 for Android build number 4.0.6509.3001
Lync 2013 for Windows Phone build number is 5.2.1072.0
Lync 2013 for iPad build number is 5.2
Lync 2013 for iPhone build number is 5.2
Lync 2013 for Android build number 5.1.0000
Lync Basic 2013 build number is 15.0.4420.1017
Lync VDI 2013 build number is 15.0.4420.1017

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